Jasmine Aroma Oil 10 Ml

Jasmine Aroma Oil 10 Ml


Jasmine Aromatic Oil has an exotic, floral fragrance. Use it in diffusers, home care to refresh the surroundings indulging in its majestic aroma.


    Benefits :

    • No Preservatives | 100 % Vegetarian.
    • Anti-depressant, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Anti-spasmodic, Expectorant, Sedative and bold.
    • Jasmine is also believed to increase the concentration level of the mind.

    For Skin Care:-  For dry, irritated and sensitive skin, increases skin elasticity.

    For Hair Care:-  Relieves from Headaches.


    Herbal Essential Oil



    Aromatic oil is to be used only along with carrier oil / cream base.



    • Aromatic oil to be used only along with carrier oil / cream base.
    • In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
    • Not recommended for children below 3 years.
    • Do not apply directly on the skin.
    • Storage condition: Replace cap tightly after each use.
    • Store in a cool & dark place to prevent deterioration.

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